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These Reports are in a PDF format. click on the link next to the title, to see the entire report.  You may print the reports after you click on the link.


2011 Aquatic Vegetation Survey



Aquatic Vegetation of Lake Luzerne 2010

Prepared by Lake Luzerne Lake Association
Lawrence Eichler Sicentific consultant



Lake Luzerne Aquatic Plant Survey 2007

Tier III Lake Survey Results.
Prepared by Richard King, Aquatic Ecologist



Lake Luzerne 2004 CSLAP Aquatic Vegetation Report

New York Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Report (CSLAP)



Lake Luzerne Aquatic Plant Survey 2004

Darrin Fresh Water Institute  Prepared by Lawrence Eichler Research Scientist and Charles Boylan Associate Director



Lake Luzerne 2000 CSLAP Aquatic Vegetation Report

New York Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Report (CSLAP)



Lake Luzerne Watershed Assessment

Prepared by the Warren county Soil and Water Conservation District
December 2000


Darrin Fresh Water Institute at Lake George 1998

An Aquatic Plant Survey of Lake Luzerne
November 20, 1998



Assessment of Lake Luzerne 1990

Prepared by: Laboratory Supervisor and John D. Madsen, Ph.D.
Rensselaer Fresh Water Insitute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute




LLA News & Events 5/16/2014


The New York State Federation of Lake Associations encourages you to act now to encourage support for invasive species control legislation. 

The article includes a template for writing to your state congressperson.

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Local News 7/20/2018

Tourist boat company in Table Rock Lake tragedy has been Branson fixture for 40 years

The Ride the Ducks tourist boats will be closed while the investigation into the deadly boat capsizing on Table Rock Lake is under investigation, the company said Friday....

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