Dear NYSFOLA Members,

Over the last few weeks, great progress has been made to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species in New York.  Assemblymember Lifton and Senator O’Mara have introduced legislation that applies statewide and requires the removal of visible vegetation and animals from watercraft and draining bilge and livewells when entering and leaving a launch site.

In order to keep up momentum and move this legislation towards passage, more state legislators need to sign on in support of the proposal.

 Please contact your state Senator and Assemblymember to express your support and ask them to sign onto Senate Bill 7273 (O’Mara/Assembly Bill 9619 (Lifton).  A sample letter below is provided for you to use when contacting your elected officials.  

In addition, I would ask you to let us know of individuals and organizations who may be supportive of this bill (email and contact name helpful).  If you are able to do so, you may forward this email with the attached sample letter to supportive groups/individuals.

 If you need more information or details on who you should contact, please do not hesitate to call or email Nancy Mueller.  She can be reached at (800) 796-3652 or  -------SEE BELOW

Dear  :


I write to request that you to co-sponsor Senate Bill 7273 (O’Mara/Assembly Bill 9619 (Lifton). This legislation aims to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species by requiring the removal of visible vegetation and animals from boats and related gear, as well as draining areas of the watercraft, when entering and leaving launch sites.

Aquatic invasive species present a serious threat to our environment and economically important industries such as tourism, and commercial and recreational fishing.  These pests kill native plants and animals by carrying harmful diseases or out-competing natural habitat, changing entire ecosystems.  According to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), they are one of the greatest threats to the State’s biodiversity.  Once introduced, these species are nearly impossible to eradicate, and expensive to manage.  Nationally, the annual cost to the economy is estimated at $120 billion a year and in New York, managing invasive species has become a significant drain on local economies.  It is far more cost-effective to prevent the spread of these species than attempt to control them once they have already been introduced.  In addition to the significant economic impact, the growth of invasive species often prevents access to waterways important for the fishing industry.

Recreational boating is one of the primary ways in which invasive species are inadvertently transported overland to new waterways. Taking measures to clean, drain and dry watercraft and gear after each use is a simple measure that should be taken to prevent the spread of invasive species and protect our waterways as well as the industries that depend on them.  Please support this legislation to protect our valuable waterways in New York.





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The New York State Federation of Lake Associations encourages you to act now to encourage support for invasive species control legislation. 

The article includes a template for writing to your state congressperson.

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